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Are you already all dressed up, and you step into your vehicle, but it won’t start because of a dead battery? You might want to go back in time to avoid this problem, but you realize that’s impossible. Cars develop faults, but we do not have to sink deep into sadness or become so overwhelmed that we cannot take action.

Dead car batteries can be a result of leaving your lights on, and maybe the battery is old or for other reasons. Whatever the case is, we have the resources to start your car.

Once you realize that your battery is dead, call us. We’ll be available to help you, and you will be able to return to your normal activities. Our technicians are so good at their jobs that they understand how to diagnose a vehicle properly for the cause of battery issues.

We offer our jumpstart service at a minimal price. Our service is highly professional and top-notch. We have a series of methods for jumpstarting your car at our disposal. One of the ways we jumpstart your car battery is by using jumper cables.

We also understand how delicate cars can be, so we use the safest ways to jumpstart your vehicle. At D&G Towing, we do not use a one-size-fits-all approach to jumpstart vehicles. Instead, we recommend a jumpstart kit based on your car model. We can also recommend a battery change if that is the best solution for you.

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